Tamper Evident Food Delivery bags

Tamper Evident Food Delivery bags

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Tamper Evident Food Delivery bags

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Made with Plant-Based materials – Tamper evident Bags for the Food Industry

What is gaining popularity in the food industry these days? That’s right – The Plant-based Tamper-evident food delivery bags. Why? They keep food from being compromised and hence, provide for a stress-free delivery and transport system.

Our tamper-Evident bags are:

  • Customizable Logo for marketing purposes: Economic marketing platform. Carry your logo and company’s slogan on both sides of these bags.
  • Easy peal closure seal: Secure foods and deliver without breaking or failing. Guarantee a safe food delivery service to your customers and maintain the integrity of your business.
  • Strategically positioned holes for hot steam release: Deliver hot steaming foods easily. Pack hot steaming foods for your customers without damaging the bag or seal. Tiny holes are strategically placed all over the bag, allowing steam build-up to escape from the bag.
  • Custom sizes: Convenience and efficiency delivered. Customize the size, height, and volume of bags to fit your foodservice delivery needs.

These bags come with the following benefits:

  1. Produced with high-quality plant-based materials:

Our bags are made from eco-friendly plant-based material.

resins are sourced from the most trustworthy manufacturers in Canada and the united states, while productions are done in-house. These tamper-resistant bags pose no harm to the food, customers, and the environment.

They are durable, recyclable, and safe for delivering hot steaming food to your customers

  1. 100% Canadian-made:
  2. All our materials are sourced and manufactured in Canada.
  3. Proprietary bags:

The new tamper-evident bag is proprietary to our brand that will not be found to be sold anywhere else.

Our bags are customizable and therefore cater to your brand-related objectives.

By using our tamper-evident bags for deliveries, never again will your customers complain about an order being compromised due to package failure! Contact us to place your order.

Type SKU Description  Size Bag/Case/Case Qty/Skid UOM
Tamper Evident Bags HFSB2014 Plant-based, Bottom Gusset, Perforated & Printed 20″ x 14″ + 3.25″ (Handle) x 7″ (BG) 250 100 Case
Tamper Evident Bags HFSB13514 Plant-based, Bottom Gusset, Perforated & Printed 13.5 x 14″ + 3.25″ (Handle) x 7″ (BG) 500 84 Case